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Specialty Tours

Borrell Creek Tour (3 hours)

Hop in your kayak or onto your SUP and paddle with the tide up Burrells Creek. The tour begins from the St. Mary's River boat launch.  Enjoy the saltwater marshes and beautiful wildlife the river has to offer, accompanied by a Sea, Surf, and SUP guide.  This tour is offered weekly, but as the time of the tide varies, so do the dates and times of the tour.

Date: Weekly | Time: See Calendar | Price: $65pp | Level: Beginner

Kayaking and Stand-up Paddleboard Classes

Roses Bluff (3 hours)

We'll cross the St Marys River and slip through a marsh creek to Bells River and ride the incoming current to Roses Bluff, Florida. As the tide changes, we'll take a short lunch break beneath the tall bluffs before looping back to the St Marys River. This trip is a great option for the avid birdwatcher or nature lover, for there is never a shortage of wildlife spotting's in the area.

Date: Weekly | Time: See Calendar | Price: $65pp | Level: Beginner

Knuckleheads Kayak Adventures

Major Moore Creek (2 Hours)

One of our favorite short trips close to town, Major Moore Creek is a winding creek that meanders through the salt marshes east of St Marys. A great place to encounter birds and wildlife, the creek is accessible at higher tides, and if we hit it right, we can pass through to finish the trip on the St Marys River. This is a great trip for experienced paddlers to hone their turning skills, but is also a wonderful, low-key introduction to kayaking for first-time paddlers.

Date: Weekly | Price: $45pp | Level: Beginner

Harbor & Creek Tours (2 hours)

We leave from the ramp in St Marys for a relaxed, two-hour trip around the harbor and- dependent on the tide, the local creeks. In the harbor we'll get a close-up look at sailboats, shrimp boats and whoever else happens to be in town. In addition to the numerous birds stalking prey at the edge of the marshes, we often encounter river otters, dolphins or maybe even a manatee! We can time the trip to catch a sunset, and if tide allows, to explore long, winding creeks through the marshes. This is a good trip if you've never been in a kayak and would like to give it a try.

Date: Weekly | Time: See Calendar | Price: $45 pp | Level: Beginner

Sunset Paddle & Pub Tour (2+ hours)

Hop in a kayak or onto a SUP and paddle the St. Mary's riverfront as the sun sets.  The tour begins from the St. Mary's River boat launch and you'll enjoy the history of St. Mary's,  and the beauty of the saltwater marshes and wildlife the river has to offer - accompanied by a Sea, Surf, and SUP guide.  This tour is offered weekly but is scheduled to finish with the sunset before walking over to the local bar & grill.  A $5 credit towards a drink is included in the price of this tour.

Date: Friday & Saturday Evenings | Price: $65pp | Level: Beginner

Crooked River to Plum Orchard (Cumberland Island)

Paddle the  Crooked River on the ebb tide from Crooked River State Park to historic Plum Orchard. You'll enjoy a calm water paddle through the saltwater marsh ecosystem with opportunities to view dolphins, egrets, herons and other shore birds.  Once we land on Cumberland Island, paddlers will have the opportunity to hike, tour the restored Plum Orchard mansion (on days when park service offers tours) and explore Cumberland before taking the flood current back to Crooked River.

Date: Call for Upcoming Dates|Price: $125pp | Level: Intermediate

Kayak Quickstart

A quick intro to the sport, this class is aimed at beginners who would like to get a safer, more efficient start in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. If you’re unsure of your physical abilities, this is a good way to gradually build self-confidence and feel comfortable on the water. We can use our boats or yours, and help you understand the strengths and limitations of the different types of kayaks.

This class covers cover proper kayak fit and adjustment, how to grip and control the paddle and how to get in and out of your boat gracefully from shore. We’ll learn basic strokes and maneuvers and how to stay safe on near-shore paddling excursions. No experience necessary.

Date/Time: See Calendar | Price: $50 pp | Level: Beginner

Full Moon EcoTour

Observing the nocturnal wildlife of Southern Coastal Georgia doesn't get any better than under the heavenly glow of a full moon. We will scour the salt marshes near St Marys in search of natures "night owls." Nocturnal animals are varied. This diverse group included reptiles, mammals, fish, insects, and we'll try to explore them all! Our knowledgeable guides will offer interesting facts and insight on nocturnal adaptations, along the way. This trip is perfect for kids and preteens interested in outdoor education.

Date: Monthly | Price: $50pp | Level: Beginner

Cumberland Island Day Trips (6-8 Hours)

St Marys to Cumberland Island

We'll go with the current out the St Marys River to Cumberland Sound and spend the day exploring the wild and unpopulated southern end of Cumberland Island. We'll pull-up on sandy beaches, paddle into a tidal creek in search of wild horses and get a close up look at the stretch of shoreline unvisited by ferries or tour boats. You should be in reasonable physical condition; while we'll use tidal currents to our advantage, we'll cover from 8 to 12 nautical miles.

Date: Call for Upcoming Dates| Price: $125pp | Level: Intermediate

Bring plenty of sunscreen, a jacket in case a breeze or shower comes up, a water bottle, a camera (water proof is recommended), and your sense of adventure. We'll provide the boat and gear, and a well trained guide.

Crooked River - Grover Island (4+ Hours)

The site of the first national forest preserve in the US, Grover Island lies at a bend in the Crooked River, just two miles north of Crooked River State Park. Now in private hands, the island is wooded with a mature maritime forest and home to abundant birds and wildlife. This eight-mile trip winds through the marshes of Black Point Creek before circling close to the island, along towering pines and live oak, before returning to the Crooked River.

Date: Weekly | Price: $65pp | Level: Intermediate

Quick Rescues & Re-entries

Capsizes are part of paddling, and learning what to do if you or someone else ends up in the water is essential for safe paddling- not only that, but it can be fun. This two-hour class takes place on and in the water, covering the basics needed to get yourself or someone else to re-enter a kayak from the water. We’ll learn the best ways for people of all sizes to get back in with the least effort, and how to use those methods with both solo and assisted rescues.

Date/Time: See Calendar | Price: $50 pp | Level: Beginner

St. Mary's Kayak and Paddleboard Tours (2-3 Hours)