Why guys like showing off with good looking women

There’s a common practice amongst male peers, wherein one flaunts and shows off the girl they are dating or have dated in the past to the others. However, what they are bragging about does not concern any of the romantic aspects, but purely of the physical aspects. They show off the women’s hair, their face, their figure, their “assets”; yet not how the relationship is or was. Why is that the case? What good does that bring? Why do guys like showing off the good looking women they’ve dated?

Sexy girl wearing red lingerie.

Declaration of Property

Frankly, there are some men who view the women they date as their “property”. To these men, ownership of a pretty woman establishes them as higher social status wise as compared to their other peers. As a matter of fact, people in general are prone to establishing social status and inherent value through various aspects such as their appearance, behavior, and property. A man showing off their attractive girlfriend is in fact more concerned over her “worth”, as if she were some kind of luxurious San Antonio escort bought with a hefty sum of cash. 

Assertion of Dominance over Peers

This mindset of “owning” a woman is part of a concept called toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity pertains to society’s supposed idea of what a “real man” ought to be, which can lead to extreme ideals of superiority, domination, homophobia, and aggression. They believe that masculinity is all about strength and dominance, while femininity is beauty and submissiveness. 

So when a man reveals that he is dating an attractive woman, it is the same as him saying he has ownership over the most desirable woman, and thus he is manlier and better than the rest. Boys and men alike are indoctrinated and pressured to adhere to these social norms. This desire to feel accepted and fit in can result in lots of bragging and asserting dominance.

Artificially Claim Desirability

People can get shallow when it comes to dating. Some people see it as a numbers game, to see how many hot dates they could get with ease. There are those who even fake the records by hiring escorts and taking them out instead. That doesn’t matter, because it’s all about the image one projects to everyone. After all, who could ever get the opportunity to woo such attractive ladies? Only someone who is intelligent, kind, and handsome, obviously. Dating a desirable woman can function as a way for someone to signal other people that they themselves are so desirable to have landed such a lucky catch. Other men would then look up to them, and regard them as of high importance and social status. 

In Conclusion

Some guys make a habit of showing off by going out with attractive women. This mindset stems from the basic principles of toxic masculinity. It’s because they view these women as a luxury, something to flaunt to other men in order to seem more desirable and superior amongst the group. Not all men are like this, of course, but it is still a prevalent problem in a lot of male friend groups. Heed this advice; true love doesn’t care about social status or dominance. Be proud of your lover for who she is, not what she looks like.

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